Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee is responsible for understanding the commute and mobility patterns of the SoM TnI Park occupants and developing a transportation strategy that responds to these patterns. The recommendations of this Committee include recommendations about the shuttle services, its route and frequency, the use of departmentally own cars, electric vehicles, and both bicycle and vehicle parking. While there is adequate parking at the new sites, there will not be a plethora of parking, which may impact people’s mobility patterns during the workday. Increasing the frequency of telecommuting is one of the alternatives that will be explored.   The recommendations of the SoM Transportation Committee, now complete and available for viewing, will be integrated into the overall University Committee.  The Chair of the SoM Transportation Committee will represent the SoM on the University Transportation Committee. 


  • Bob Burkhardt - Chair & Exec Director of IT Services, IRT
  • Promila Rastogi, Sr. - Assoc Director of Communication & Donor Relations, MCD
  • Sam Zelch - Chief Financial Officer & Associate Dean
  • Becky Lappin - Financial Analyst, IRT
  • Margery Corbett - Research Process Mgr, RMG
  • Derrick Lin, Sr - Contracts & Grants Officer, RMG
  • Valentin Salazar - Research Process Manager Assoc, RMG
  • Teresa Hinckle - Research Process Manager Assoc, RMG
  • Danielle Luft - Associate Director of Development, MCD
  • Linda Lingane - Administrative Associate, MCD
  • Ruth Lowy - Administrative Associate, MCD
  • June Lang, Sr - Director of Development, MCD
  • Janice Flowers-Sonne - Administrative Associate, MCD
  • Rovina Suri - Employee Relations and HR Manager, HRG
  • Ward Thomas - Transportation Operations Manager, Parking & Transportation