SoM Technology & Innovation Park


A total of seven buildings in the Porter Drive vicinity will be occupied by the School of Medicine (SoM) and Stanford University (SU) administrative units. Together this neighborhood will be referred to as Stanford @ Porter Drive.  Four of the buildings are SoM facilities and make up the Technology and Innovation Park at Porter Drive; the other three University facilities. The Technology and Innovation (TnI) Park will continue to support the long standing commitment to the bio-medical research enterprise within the Stanford Research Park.

Many hours have been spent on planning the operations associated with these facilities to ensure that the activities conducted there are well coordinated with activities on campus.  The successful organization starts with proper planning, coordination and preparation in advance of the first occupant moving into the facilities.


Stanford University Administrative Groups

The three buildings that the university will occupy include 3160 and 3145 Porter Drive and 1841 Page Mill Road. These buildings will house administrative groups that support operations on the main campus including LBRE, Human Resources, Purchasing, etc.  The University’s current plan is to occupy the facilities on Porter Drive for five to ten years, before permanently relocating these administrative groups to Redwood City.  In that the SoM intends to occupy its facilities at Porter Drive for a significantly longer time horizon,  the School may make fundamentally different infrastructure investment decisions than those made by the University.  Areas where cooperation is appropriate and the School and University interests align are highlighted throughout the Stanford@Porter Drive website.



SoM Technology and Innovation Park

The Technology and Innovation (TnI) Park at Porter Drive is comprised of four buildings along Porter Drive and Page Mill Road.  Three buildings are research facilities, and one building houses School of Medicine administrative support services.  The research programs include the Human Genome Program, the Early Cancer Detection program and the Stanford Sleep Center.  Additional research programs will be identified and evaluated in 2013/2014 for inclusion in the third research building at 1651 Page Mill Rd. The administrative groups include Dean’s Office support functions currently located at Stanford Menlo Park and the Medical Center Development group currently located on Sand Hill Road.

Combined Campus

At peak projections, it is anticipated that there will be 1,500 or more Stanford employees occupying the seven buildings that comprise the Porter Drive neighborhood.  Of the 1,500 staff members, approximately 40% are expected to be Stanford University staff and 60%, Stanford School of Medicine faculty, staff and students.