Survey Highlights

The idea of a “Pre North Campus move” (formerly called Serra Surge) was first presented in April 2007 in a meeting with Randy Livingston's managers, and with LBRE staff.  This was followed by large All Hands meetings across Business Affairs in May 2007. 

Some of the key messages presented were:

  • The fact that we know a move to Porter Drive (or anywhere off-campus) is very hard (a big challenge)
  • The fact that we would update you all along the way (why we are here today)
  • The fact that the major goals of our Work Anywhere program are about:
    • Enabling people to conveniently and efficiently work from a number of locations – including on and off campus
    • Enabling work wherever these is a device and a connection
    • Enabling employees to make choices about how they best work and work with their manager to translate their choices into what works best for their job and workgroup
    • All of the above can also help us with commute trip concerns (including cutting back on GUP trips), emergency preparedness, work/life balance
    • A lot of people have asked us “Is this all about working from home?”  The answer is no, although for some people that could be a great option that fits within this program.
    • Other employees have asked us if this is just for the employees that are off the main campus, the answer is no, it is meant to cover all Stanford employees

Following is a report out of the survey and other related projects that we have been doing with the help of Sun Microsystems and 8 Corners Consulting.