Operations Team Members

Sharon Allyn – Controllers Office
Thomas Bauer – Land Buildings & Real Estate
Armand Capote – Administrative Systems
Jan Cicero – IT Services
Bernadette Drechsler – IT Services
Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain – Land Buildings & Real Estate – Porter Planning Team
Michael Fox – Land Buildings and Real Estate
Brodie Hamilton – Parking & Transportation
Julie L. Hardin-Stauter – Facilities Operations
Diana L Haven – Risk Management
Noel Hirst – Business Affairs – Porter Planning Team
David A Jones  - Human Resources
Christopher Kittle – IT Services
Bill Larson - Public Safety
Chris Lundin – IT Services
Nan McKenna – IT Services
Stephen Pond – Land Buildings & Real Estate – Porter Planning Team
Suzanne Sangervasi – Land Buildings & Real Estate
Sue Schmitt – Controllers Office
Erich Snow – IT Services
Peter Wong – Land Buildings & Real Estate
Jean Barnes – Lands Buildings & Real Estate
Howard Leung – Lands Buildings & Real Estate
Kevin Pryor – Administrative Systems

Note: some members of the Operations team were included over the duration of the project. Many of whom still participate in an ongoing role.

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