All in a Day's Work

Following, is a retelling of a little "troubleshooting" from the Stanford @ Porter Drive Operations Coordinator.

I received a call on Thursday December 18 at 4:38pm from the Porter receptionist. During this call I received news that water was pouring out of the ceiling just outside of the San Francisquito – Pearl Conference room.

Ceiling lightI ended the phone call and immediately put in a high priority phone call to Stanford Facilities operations.

I raced to Porter Drive from the main campus, upon arrival I found Alice Wong had already placed several grey garbage bins under the steady flow of water that was coming from the Pearl Entry recessed light, fire sprinkler cap and the Ruby entry inset light fixture.

Once concluding that life or limb were not at risk….I immediately placed a call to Julie Hardin Stauter to report the incident.

After ending the call I placed an urgent after hours call to Hines Property management and reported the problem.

About this time Randy arrived from Stanford Fac. Ops whom procured a ladder and began his investigation of the leak, Upon realizing the origin of the leak it became apparent that Randy would need to return to main campus and retrieve a 20’ ladder.

20 foot ladderI then received a call from Michael Moore, Hines property management and after detailing the problem I was then told that this was a Dome/Sub contractor problem and that I should contact Dome.

I ended the phone call and immediately placed an urgent call to Scott with Dome construction, I reported the problem and after realizing what was happening Scott was on his way to Porter Drive while making several calls to pull together necessary resources.

By this time Randy had broken through a wall above ceiling grid to get at the problem which he discovered was a main sprinkler line..After taking a few photos and consulting with Julie Hardin Stauter we released Randy from the scene as there was nothing further that he could do.

On about this time ABM arrived with a dehumidifier in tow…

Scott arrived and after making a quick evaluation of the scene called in Brent with Dome Construction.

ABM began their clean-up work…

Posted nearby I suddenly noticed the familiar chirp of the FACP’s trouble alarm which was then quickly followed by that ever familiar Whirrrrrrr! Of the fire engine as it pulled into the round drive at Porter drive.

I immediately went to the front entrance and let the fire crew into the building, as I stopped to notice it had become 7:15pm..

The fire department quickly checked the area, made a few comments about pulling an all-nighter and then broke from the scene.

Noticing that Brent and Scott had the problem well in hand as they had shut the water off and were expecting their subcontractors arrival I again posted a report into Julie Hardin Stauter, consulted with Brett and Scott and was subsequently released from the scene.