Fit and Feel

Fit n’Feel Committee, 3172 Porter Drive

This Committee was assembled to give the occupants of 3172 Porter Drive input to the interior design and colors that were proposed for the project. The Committee is composed of representatives from the groups who will be moving into 3172 Porter Drive up to a maximum of 15 people. Additionally, this group selected the location and placement of the primary and highlight fabrics in the telephone rooms. Finally, this group will develop and execute the art program in the building, the move-in week activities, and the move-in gift bags that will be given to each occupant on move-in.

Fit n’Feel Committee

  • Brian Hoffmeister - Chair & Controller of the SoM
  • Sharlene Erwin - Administrative Associate, OFPM
  • Brenda Cook - Development Officer, MCD
  • Julie Elward - Administrative Associate, Communications
  • Tanya Hastings - Administrative Associate, MCD
  • Sandra Handy - Associate Director, Alumni Affairs
  • Francine Freeman - Production Manager, MCD
  • Cathi Blackwood - Associate Contract Office, RMG
  • Karen Kellne - Operations Coordinator, RMG
  • Maria Burns - Director of Annual Giving, MCD
  • Amanda Peng - Clinical Trials Research Process Manager, RMG
  • Kim Armstrong - Director of Medical Center Events, MCD
  • Tiffany Binderup - Administrative Associate, RMG
  • Valentin Salazar - Research Process Manager Associate