"Work From Anywhere" Program & Conditions

Work From Anywhere

Many of our job responsibilities are "location independent".  Given that this is true and that we are finding ourselves in a new denser environment at 3172 Porter Drive, it may make sense for more individuals to spend more time "working from anywhere".  Although this is always a decision that must be made between the employee and the employee's supervisor and is highly dependent on the actual position responsibilities, technology now enables us to perform much of our job from anywhere.

OFPM has created a new "Work from Anywhere" policy for its employees and have them reviewed, revised, and approved by the SoM Human Resources Group.  Should another group wish to adopt this policy, at least part of the work is already done! 

The most important aspects of "Work from Anywhere" is trust and respect.  The employee must respect the institution and manager for which they work sufficiently to ensure that they will be as productive, or even more productive when in another non-work environment.  By the same token, the manager must trust that the employee will respect their job responsibilities and use him/her time productively.  These issues should be discussed candidly along with the actual job responsibilities to determine whether "Work from Anywhere" is appropriate in a specific situation.

Once a determination has been made and an employee has been given approval to work from home, there are some necessary conditions to making the situation work for both parties.   For example, the employee should remain available and reachable at all times.  Fortunately there are technologies available to assist with this condition.  IRT will soon roll out a suite of "Work from Anywhere" tools.  For those who have made the decision to engage in "Work from Anywhere" please download the "Work from Anywhere Application" (.docx) and the "Work from Anywhere Conditions" (pdf) prior to your first work day out of the office.

You will also need to download and sign the Safety Checklist (pdf) and the Work from Anywhere Confidentiality Agreement (pdf)

The University's Work Anywhere website is rich with additional "Work from Anywhere" information and resources.