Work Etiquette Guidelines

Workplace Etiquette

Imagine this:  "You’re racing the clock to meet a 5 o’clock deadline, but you can’t seem to focus. The cubicle next door is the site of an impromptu office get-together. Co-workers are loitering around your door, and the noise escalates as the group revisits last night’s NFL nail-biter. Your irritation is growing, but you admit that if you didn’t have this deadline, you’d probably join in."

With the ever changing design of the office, we all need to be considerate of the personal and professional space of others.  Within the past several years, a great majority of businesses have moved their people into a cubicle environment, including the School of Medicine, the School of Engineering, and the Graduate School of Business.  Unfortunately, while it may be more cost-effective than offices and may encourage collaboration, it can also cause interpersonal squabbles and a lack of productivity.

Two of the main aspects in cubicle etiquette are privacy and respect.  As a part of the planning for the new space at 3172 Porter Drive, a number of individuals took the initiative to create a set of etiquette guidelines for the new open office work environment.  These etiquette rules should be followed by both workers inside the cubicle as well as those in the adjoining areas. The work cubicles may be an open space but those who work in it consider these areas as their individual offices.  Please download the Workplace Etiquette Guidelines (pdf) and incorporate them into your day. 

As a tool to facilitate the adoption of these guidelines, cubicle occupants will be offered noise cancelling headsets.  You will be notified when these headsets are available and asked to show your commitment to the etiquette guidelines by signing the document in exchange for a headset.  It is essential that we all adopt these guidelines to promote a harmonious and productive work environment. 

 If as you get used to your new environment you still notice problems and have an idea about how to address them, please let your manager know and we will incorporate a solution into the guidelines.