Kitchen & Bathroom Policies

Kitchen Inventory & Policies

Kitchen supplies, for both the primary break room/kitchen on the first floor and the individual kitchens in some of the suites, will be ordered from the central 3172 Porter Drive account.  Please let the Receptionist/Operations Coordinator know if your kitchen is running short on any supplies.  Rather than bottled water, we will be using the water that comes in the five gallon containers.

We will continue to order the more expensive, biodegradable utensils, cups and dishes, so please use them responsibly and sparingly.  Cups, especially, are expensive; resident staff who drink coffee or tea should use reusable mugs or the canteens that you will receive when you move into the building.

You are responsible for keeping the kitchen clean!  Dishes should never soak in the sink! Each person is responsible for washing their dish and putting it away or rinsing it and putting it in the dishwasher after each use.  We will not be providing resources to clean up after people and it is not fair for the group closest to the kitchen to feel as if they are responsible.  Please clean up after yourself, if you use the last of anything, replace it or contact the Receptionist/Operations Coordinator.

Bathroom Policies

As you are beginning to experience we have relatively limited restroom facilities given the density of the building at 3172 Porter Drive.  Due to that fact we would like to ask people not to leave their personal items (lotions, soaps, toothbrushes etc) on the restroom counters.  There are day lockers and personal storage space at each of our workstations.  The School of Medicine will provide soap, limited feminine products, additional paper towels and a bottle of communal lotion on each counter.  All other items will be removed.