Audio & Web Conferencing

Audio Conferencing

Polycom conference phones are the standard solution to audio conferencing requirements in the SoM Conference Rooms.  They provide excellent voice quality ensuring that everyone can clearly hear and be heard to support audio only applications as well as audio support to varieties of web meeting solutions.  Instructions for the use of the Polycom phones will be provided in each conference room.

Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing and online meetings allow people to replace face-to-face meetings with online virtual meetings, cutting down on travel time and making real-time collaborative sessions with dispersed participants possible. Some of the most commonly used products for this are WebEx, Adobe Connect, Go-To-Meeting and many others.

The School of Medicine supports MedMeeting which is an online collaboration utility that uses Adobe Acrobat Connect.   This web-based application will allow you to share documents and perform interactive screensharing. Additional features include the capability to use integrated teleconferencing, video conferencing, break-out collaboration, and meeting recording.    IRT provides a comprehensive webpage to help you get started using MedMeeting.

Features of online meetings with Adobe Connect:

  • Up to 200 attendees in any meeting.
  • Video conferencing. Multiple simultaneous video cameras can be supported. Video is optional if participants don't have a webcam or don't wish to use one.
  • Audio/Telephone for audio. Standard audio telephone conferencing or VOIP.
  • "Always On" meeting rooms with a stable URL. Invite participants by emailing them the URL.
  • Desktop sharing. All participants can share their desktop or an individual window or application.
  • Review power-point presentations and annotate with notes as the meeting progresses.
  • Use Whiteboard space to brain-storm and collaboratively delevop ideas
  • File upload and sharing of files up to 102Mb.
  • Embedded Chat for private or group chat
  • Works in any browser with the Flash Player installed (Macintosh or Windows).
  • Meeting host can manage attendees, accept and deny access, mute and un-mute VOIP phones for each participant.
  • Record meetings for repeat viewings or partipants unable to be present in real-time
  • All meetings are secure via SSL to ensure privacy (ie. your meeting won't be on YouTube).