Desktop & AV Support

Desktop Support

IRT’s Service Desk will provide desktop support and other computing help services at 3172 Porter Drive just as they do for Dean’s Office workunits on the SoM main campus.  To contact the Service Desk or request help, call x5-8000 or submit a HelpSU ticket.

AV Technology Support

Without additional funding, the standard AV support model that provides centralized operational support, maintenance, integration and trouble-shooting that is currently utilized elsewhere throughout the SoM, will not be available at Porter Drive.  It will be the responsibility of the users of these spaces to support the operations and maintenance of the AV technology in the conference rooms and other break-out spaces.  A department may elect to buy some portion of an FTE from IRT to support the AV requirements of a specific space(s). Until such time as the funding is agreed upon to support an additional AV support specialist, there will not be call center support, formal training, regular maintenance or proactive upgrades of the AV technology, however, we will post instructions in the conference rooms and on this website.  Instructions will be posted for the use of the AV technology in each AV technology augmented conference room space once the installation and testing is complete.