Transportation Services

An effective transportation and parking plan for the new Porter Drive Neighborhood is essential due to the density of the neighborhood and the limited available parking.   In addition, efficient physical connections and remote communication tools between Stanford@Porter Drive and Technology & Innovation Park will be important to minimize trips back and forth to campus and to reduce the negative impact on productivity that results from multiple trips in a single work-day.

Marguerite Shuttle Service

The Marguerite shuttle bus service between main campus and the Stanford occupied facilities in the research park (Porter Drive, Hillview, California Ave and Arastradero Road) is being reconfigured and augmented to ensure that these facilities are connected to the main campus in an efficient manner.  Additionally, service to and from CalTrain stations is being studied for likely improvements. At minimum, for the shuttle service to be useful and predictable, you have told us (through the survey) that peak hour service should be coordinated with other public transportation schedules, have a 15 minute service frequency, and run from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. 

The new 1050A Arastradero and Research Park shuttle schedules were implemented January 7, 2013.

1050A Arastradero Rd Shuttle Schedule

Research Park Shuttle Schedule (connects the Research Park to the Caltrain station.

Commute Services

With regard to commute services, bus service between existing public transportation modes and the Porter Drive locations should be studied by each of us.  The Stanford University Parking and Transportation Services website has a very good and easy to use Commute Planning Tool on their website.   VTA currently serves numerous locations in the South Bay with high speed buses that travel directly to the Porter Drive neighborhood.  In addition, the Porter location is served by the Dumbarton Express from Union City Bart and parts of Fremont and Newark.  The Dumbarton Express (DB) stops at the University Avenue Palo Alto CalTrain station.    Improved connections between local CalTrain Stations and the TnI neighborhood will be implemented by the beginning of 2013.                                           

Bicycle Use

Bicycle use will also be encouraged.   There will be stables for departmentally owned bicycles with easy check in/check out. The bicycle stables should be maintained by the individual departments to ensure accountability and each new department might be required to purchase a minimum number of bikes for its users.  The Bicycle Program will be initiated after the move-ins are complete in early 2013.


We will be expanding the pool of School and/or Departmentally owned  vehicles to several locations around the new Porter Drive buildings.  Data from the Stanford Menlo Park experience supports good use of Stanford owned vehicles as a means to supplement the shuttle.