Parking in the Porter Drive Neighborhood

For Spring 2013, or until the construction in the 3155 and 3165 Porter Drive buildings is complete, 3172 Porter Drive occupants should park in the 3172 Porter Drive parking lot or as overflow in the 1651 Page Mill Road parking lot.

Questions remain regarding parking capacity and policies within the Porter Drive neighborhood.  A parking study of the Porter Drive area was conducted and concluded that while there may be oversubscription in one or two building lots, that there is a sufficient total number of parking spaces for the people who will need them. 

It is anticipated that no-cost parking permits will be issued next year to all Porter Drive residents for use in the lots associated with the Stanford buildings.   This type of no-cost parking permit program will ensure that the available parking spaces are used by the occupants of the Porter Drive neighborhood.  It is important to preserve “free parking” as it is currently an important benefit for employees who move off campus.   Additionally, a no-cost permit program will prevent the upgraded shuttle service from being used by individuals on campus to connect them to free parking, as well as preventing neighboring non-Stanford entities from using the limited parking spaces available.

 In the meantime, a tight parking environment will however, encourage individuals to use the shuttle, departmental and zip cars and other forms of transportation to facilitate movement back and forth to campus during the work day.   Purchase of a limited number of departmental parking permits for use in personal vehicles will also work to support, but limit, the number of trips to/from campus during the workday.  The very real problem with driving your own car to campus will be the difficulty in finding a parking place both on campus and possibly when you return to Porter Drive.