Materials Handling, Mail & Delivery Services

Materials Handling

Each building occupied by School of Medicine personnel will be responsible for its own materials distribution.  There is no plan to incorporate a central loading dock within any of the existing buildings.  All of the buildings have some form of a building loading dock.  It will be up to the building occupants of each building to distinguish which kinds of items may be taken to the Lobby versus the Loading Dock.

Operations Coordination/Reception Function

Each building in the Technology and Innovation Park at Porter Drive will be responsible for its own lobby reception function. 

Mail Service

The U.S.Post Office will deliver U.S. mail to the lobby of 3172 Porter Drive, 3155 and 3165 Porter Drive. Each building will need to coordinate the distribution of the mail within that building.  Outgoing U.S. Mail may be brought and left in the lobby reception area for pick up by the postal carrier. 

Delivery Services

FedEx and UPS will deliver to the lobby of 3172 Porter Drive and to the individual lab or loading dock in 3155 and 3165 Porter Drive.  If you are planning to use FedEx as an outgoing delivery service, you would need to call their office and arrange pick up. Currently the closest Fed Ex box is at 3100 Hansen (1.6 miles from Porter Drive) and there is also one at 2600 El Camino Real (Stanford Financial Square, 1.9 miles from Porter Drive).  A UPS pickup box has been installed at the front of 3165 Porter Drive. The next closest UPS box currently is at 2600 El Camino Real (Stanford Financial Square, 1.9 miles from Porter Drive) and there is also one at 265 Cambridge Ave (2.1 miles from Porter Drive).

Space Policy

Space policies are similar to on campus space management processes and policies.  All rooms in each building are listed in iSpace and should be updated within 2 weeks of building being activated or after any changes in space assignments. The “Start Dates” for individual rooms should reflect the move-in date of the assigned work group.  Departments will insure the Department, Primary Individual (faculty), Functional Use and Research Explanation data will be entered and maintained as changes occur. Any need to change room assignments or request additional space must be reviewed and approved through the existing Space Request process .  TnI Park space will be included in the SoM Operating Budget calculations and managed in the same way as all other SoM space.