Security Infrastructure

The SUMC card access control system is installed on the exterior doors of all School of Medicine off-campus facilities.  If you do not currently hold a Stanford  Medicine ID badge and you require access through the exterior doors of one of the off-campus buildings, please obtain an access ID badge in the Stanford Medicine Security office in the basement of Stanford Hospital. In addition to the door access system, a dedicated security staff officer will patrol the off-campus building sites within the TnI Neighborhood (including Porter Drive, Hillview Ave, California Ave, Burgess Street and Arastradero and Middlefield Road).  This dedicated security staff will provide 24/7 coverage (one officer, in three 8 hour shifts) and in addition to security related issues, will have responsibility for parking enforcement.  There will also be a security officer situated at the front desk at 3172 Porter Drive from 8am-4pm, M-F.

How to report an Emergency

If you encounter a life threatening situation, dial 9-911 immediately and then call Security at ext 10762 or 650-721-0762.

If you encounter a non-life threatening situation call security immediately at ext 10762 or 650-721-0762 and a security officer will respond and evaluate the situation for further actions.   

Security Operations

The Security Operations Office is located at 3172 Porter Drive, Room 1130D (next to the loading dock). The Security Operations desk in 3172 Porter Drive is staffed from 8am-4pm, Monday thru Friday. The security operations are supervised by Larry Zulawski.  Larry can be reached directly at  Security personnel will respond to occupant needs related to security, and act as an afterhours dispatch service for facilities related emergencies. 

For operational questions or to escalate the response, call:

Brian Sullivan, Asst Director of Facilities Operations  (650) 492-1924

Liam Robinson, Director of Facilities Operations  (650) 223 9055        


Security Services

The Security Operations Office will provide the following additional services on request, in addition to its regular patrols and parking enforcement activities:   

1.    Escort to your vehicle:  Call the Security Operations Office to request a security officer to escort you to your vehicle.

2.    Entry to the building/office: For access to a locked office or to gain entry into an off-campus building please call the Security Operations Office.

3.    Security Assessments: To obtain a security assessment of your area please call ext 10762 or 650-721-0762 to schedule.  A trained security staff member will conduct a thorough assessment of your area and provide recommendations. 

4.    Event Support:  If you are having a large event that will require parking support please contact the Security Operations Office for assistance. 

Security Lost and Found

Security is responsible for the lost and found program for all of the off-campus buildings. If you find an item in or around one of the off-campus buildings, please turn the item in to the Security Operations Office at 3172 Porter Drive, room 1130D or call the Security Office and we will send an Officer to your location to pick-up the item(s).  Please check with the security office if you have lost an item.

Security Suggestion/Awareness

As is the case with all SoM buildings, we would like to encourage people to wear their badge (or at least keep it with you), be aware of who is walking the hallways or using the restrooms -- if you do not know them, feel free to ask them if they are a Stanford employee or doing business with a specific Stanford employee.  If they are not a Stanford employee or in some way connected to a specific Stanford employee, please notify the Security Office by calling ext 10762 or 650-721-0762.  Please keep your suite locked outside of business hours and carry your building access card and key with you.

If you are working late or at night it is recommended that you park your vehicle in a well lighted area. If you are uncomfortable walking alone at night feel free to contact the Security Operations Office @ ext 10762 or 650-721-0762 and request an escort to your vehicle.