Facilities Operations

Facilities Maintenance

The School of Medicine Facilities Management team performs the following services for both on and off campus buildings. All O&M work is tracked and managed through the existing eAM system via work orders.

  • Building Maintenance (Off Campus maintenance is coordinated with individual landlords)
  • Service Requests
  • Environmental Rounds
  • Planned (sometimes called Preventive) Maintenance
  • Central Loading Dock (on campus)
  • Grounds (primarily on campus)

Facilities Operations: Contact Information

For facilities operations and maintenance assistance please use the work order system (eAM) to submit a work order or call (650) 714-2146.


A dedicated Janitorial crew has been provided for the TnI Park.  This includes Porter Drive, Arastradero Road, Hillview and California Avenues. This does not include the University buildings at Porter Drive. 

Tenant Improvements

Tenant improvements will be managed by the current University structure, where departments are required to utilize LBRE for projects of a certain risk, dollar value or complexity - specifically projects over $10 million.  If the projects do not meet the risk or dollar value threshhold for LBRE management, please submit a project request form to OFPM to initiate your project.