Neighborhood Yard and Grounds

It's a Beautiful Neighborhood!

Planning for the new Stanford@Porter Drive neighborhood has required substantial input from numerous entities, including the Stanford real estate group (LBRE), SoM, SU, the City of Palo Alto as well as other entities.  Soon a project team will be assembled under the leadership of the University Architect, and including a DPM project manager, and representatives from the University, the School of Medicine, LBRE and the broader Porter Drive neighborhood.

This team will consider functional connections between buildings, pathways to various transportation alternatives, and visual connections between the building.  It is especially important for the "connective elements" to address the functional needs of the laboratory buildings as it is intended that research will occupy these buildings for buildings for another 40-50 years. 

path by 3155Fortunately all of the buildings are built in beautiful settings and our work is primarily connecting one setting to another and eliminating the fences that currently separate them. 

Planning for the connective elements is just getting underway.


To get a glimpse of the entire neighborhood, look through the photo galleries on both the University and School's homepage.