Fitness Facilities

Porter Drive Neighborhood Gym Policies

  • The gym in 3145 Porter Drive may be used by occupants of 3145 & 3155 Porter Drive
  • The gym in 3160 Porter Drive may be used by the occupants of 3160 Porter Drive only
  • The gym in 1841 Page Mill Road may be used by the occupants of 1841 Page Mill Road only
  • HIP Classes are a fringe benefit open to all, limited at any specific location only due to enrollment limits
  • Outdoor programs are open to all

School of Medicine Fitness Program


This School of Medicine fitness program, while still in development, has three separate components:

1.   A cardio/strengthening facility is being studied for inclusion in the 1651 Page Mill Road building which may  include endurance machines such as eliptical and treadmill machines as well as free weights, stretching mats and medicine balls.  Should inclusion of a gym at 1651 Page Mill Road be deemed feasible, permiting and code requirements require that construction of the gym take place concurrently with the renovation of the entire building.  Earliest possible completion of such a facility is Summer, 2015.  In the meantime, an outdoor facility located behind 3172 Porter Drive with TRX equipment is also being studied.


2.  HIP classes will be available in both the SoM buildings (probably 3172 Porter Drive) and are already available in the University buildings at 3160 Porter Drive.  We are hoping to share the HIP offerings with the University and thereby relieve one building the burden of offering all of the classes.  If you sign up for a HIP class in one of the University buildings, 3145 or 3160 Porter Drive,  you will need to get a University ID in addition to your SoM hospital ID.


3. Outdoor activities will be coordinated and available such as a walking and bicycling club, marathon training club, basketball courts, half-court soccer etc. - the opportunities only constrained by the limits of your imagination!

We recognize that many of our occupants are already a part of the BeWell program and would like to continue those goals.  We also would like to encourage those not yet a part of the BeWell program to join and work on their fitness goals.