Working with People at Porter Drive

It's a Two-Way Street

With the move to Porter Drive, our colleagues on campus will experience significant changes, just as we have.  As we planed for the Porter Drive move, we sponsored conversations with our on-campus colleagues to talk about how we can work together collaboratively to meet all of our needs going forward. We need to continue those conversations now that the move has occurred to ensure that we are working together to address any work flow challenges that have arisen from the relocations.

Following are resources that are useful for our colleagues at other Stanford campuses coming to visit us at Porter Drive and when we are meeting them on Campus.

  • 3145 Conference Center – Come to visit our conference centers at Porter Drive. The center has 6 meeting rooms.
  • 3160 Conference Center – Our first floor conference center has 6 meeting rooms including an auditorium which accommodates 115 people.


See also the Work Anywhere : Tools and Technique website.