Office of Facilities Planning & Management (OFPM)

The School of Medicine occupies more then 1.5 million gross square feet of research, teaching, and clinical space located on Stanford's core campus. In addition, the School maintains over 500,000 gross leasable square feet of rental space in the Bay Area. 

Porter MapOne of the goals of the Technology and Innovation Park at Porter Drive is to consolidate a number of leases located throughout the peninsula.  By doing so OFPM can provide improved, more efficient services to its clients at a lower cost. 

OFPM is organized to support the School of Medicine in the areas of facilities projects, facilities operations management, and facilities information management

"The mission of the Office of Facilities Planning and Management in the School of Medicine is to plan for and manage the facilities needs of the School of Medicine community in the areas of operations, capital planning and budgeting, projects from programming through occupancy, space inventory, and facility assets."

The OFPM website can be found at