Facility Design

A Modern Facility with Amenities

The Stanford at Porter Drive complex is located in the Stanford Research Park, off Page Mill Road at 3145 Porter Drive. It consists of six buildings, connected with decks and landscaped lawns and ample close parking.

The complex includes modern office spaces, a large lunchroom with an adjacent outdoor patio, a gym, showers and conference rooms with ample printing and copying technology.

A Case Study of Porter Drive

Capital Planning and Space Management conduced ta case study this this off-campus move, focusing on five key themes: Change, Department Consolidation, New Workplace Guidelines, Smaller Spaces, and New Ways of Working. View the case study in the Porter Drive Interior Architecture & Furniture Solutions - Summary (pdf).

The San Francisco architectural firm MK Think is designing the interior space. MK Think has worked on the building before and knows it well. 

We're developing a schedule for the programming and interior design of the space and will post details soon. Sign up for automatic updates.