Operations & Amenities

There are two operations committees associated with the TnI Park Project and the 3172 Porter Drive project.  The overall TnI Park Operations Committee is responsible for determining long term facilities maintenance procedures and plans, janitorial and security standards, overall mail delivery, and IT infrastructure while the 3172 Porter Drive Operations Committee is responsible for the operations of a particular building, specifically the 3172 Porter Drive building.  This building was selected as it will be the most densely populated and therefore most in need of rules of operations and co-habitation, however, we expect the policies and guidelines adopted at 3172 Porter will be in part appropriate for the other buildings as well.   The building topics of interest include conference room scheduling, amenities inside the building or available to the building occupants, food services, reception and deliveries.

The TnI Operations Committee (formerly called the Operations Committee)

  • Liam Robinson – Chair
  • David Silberman
  • Georgia Giatras
  • Chris Shay
  • Susie Spielman
  • Randy Soares
  • Sharie Kumaishi
  • Michele Ople Tran
  • Gary Malinverno
  • Trent Tanaka
  • Susan Lydick
  • Niraj Dangoria

3172 Porter Drive Operations Committee  (formerly called the Operations & Amenities Committee)

  • Susan Lydick - Co-Chair & Business Manager, Communications
  • Michele Ople Tran - Co-Chair & Property Manager, OFPM
  • Vivian Jones - Project Coordinator, OFPM
  • Jeremy Benjamin - Medical Center Development (MCD)
  • Rebecca Garza - Administrative Associate, MCD
  • Maria Burns - Director of Annual Giving, MCD
  • Stacy Cullison - Sr. Associate Director, MCD
  • Erin Romer - Research Process Manager, RMG
  • Karen Kellner - Operations Coordinator, RMG
  • Mary Palmer - Trainer/Research Process Manager, RMG
  • Colleen James - Financial Management Analyst, RMG
  • Natalie Muzzio - RPM Associate
  • Hanan Herzog - Application Security Engineer, IRT
  • Debbie Watt - Webforms Administrator, HRG
  • Chuck Plock - System Software Developer, IRT
  • Linda Gibson - Director of Renovation Project, OFPM
  • Traudi Sedelmayr - Retail Services Manager, OFPM

The Operations Committees have been renamed and their roles clarified as we get get further into the projects.   Formerly called the "Operations Committee" and now called the TnI Park Operations Committee, will be responsible for coordinating the broader operations of the TnI Park, including:  janitorial services, security, maintenance and health & safety.  The committee formerly called the "Operations and Amenities Committee" has been transformed into a building operations committee focused on the operations of 3172 Porter Drive.  Similarly we will be creating a single operations committee responsible for the building operations of 3155 & 3165 Porter Drive and a third committee responsible for the operations of 1651 Page Mill Rd.   Please let Maggie Saunders in OFPM know if you would like to participate on any of the building operations committees.