Steering Committees

TnI Park Steering Committees


TnI Park Executive Steering Committee – This Committee is composed of the Faculty Leaders of each of the Research Programs that will be moving to the TnI Park as well as the Sr Associate Dean for Finance and Administration, the Associate Dean for Facilities, Operations and Management, the Director of Projects and the relevant project manager.  This Steering Committee is the oversight committee for the re-development of 3155 and 3165 Porter Drive and the senior leadership for the overall TnI Park initiative.


  • Dr. Michael Snyder, PhD - Director, Center for Personalized Medicine
  • Dr. Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD - Director, Center for Cancer Early Detection
  • Dr. Ron Davis, PhD - Director, Genome Technology Center
  • Dr. Emmanuel Mignot, MD, PhD - Director
  • Ms. Marcia Cohen -  Sr. Associate Dean, Finance & Administration
  • Mr. Niraj Dangoria - Associate Dean for the Office of Facilities, Operations and Management (OFPM)
  • Mr. Chris Shay - Director of Projects, OFPM
  • Ms. Annette Walters - Project Manager, OFPM

3172 Porter Drive Steering Committee


This Committee is made up of influential individuals from each groups that will be moving into 3172 Porter Drive. The 3172 Porter Drive project is intended not only to relocate and consolidate the administrative groups currently in Menlo Park and the Sandhill Road facilities, it is intended to gradually move these groups towards a new style of working. The workplace change initiative is motivated by the desire to increase collaboration among and between groups, to fully leverage the new technologies that are available in the workplace, to reduce real estate costs and decrease square footage usage. There is currently a mission critical paucity of space in the School of Medicine.


  • Susan Lydick - Business Manager, Communications
  • Michele Ople Tran - Property Manager, OFPM
  • Bob Burkhardt - Exec Director IT Services
  • Brian Hoffmeister - Controller, SoM
  • Sonia Barragan - Associate Director, RMG
  • Susan Hoerger - Deputy Director of HRG
  • Jon Pierucci - Sr. Director of MCD Operations
  • Kendra Baldwin - Project Coordinator, OIP
  • Michael Halaas - Chief Technology Officer
  • Niraj Dangoria - Associate Dean, OFPM
  • Jill Knapp - Project Manager, OFPM