Featured Research Programs

Canary Center for Early Cancer Detection

Sam (Sanjiv) Gambhir, MD, PhD
3155 Porter Drive

The mission of the center is to foster research leading to the development of blood tests and molecular imaging approaches to detect and localize early cancers. The center is the first in the world to integrate research on both in vivo and in vitro diagnostics to deliver these tests, by housing state-of-the-art core facilities and collaborative research programs in molecular imaging, proteomics, chemistry, and bioinformatics. The center is directed by Dr. Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, Chair of the Radiology Department, Professor of Radiology & Bioengineering, Director of the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford and Division Chief for Nuclear Medicine.

Genome Technology Center

Ronald Davis, PhD
3165 Porter Drive

Our research successes can involve improvements to existing technologies or completely new inventions, both of which aim to increase speed and accuracy while decreasing cost.  . In the next phase of our evolution we will use yeast as the test-bed of advanced technologies to enable novel solutions to the greatest challenges facing human health.  Dr. Ronald Davis is Director of the Genome Technology Center, Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics, and has helped found numerous small technology companies.

Center for Personalized Medicine

Michael Snyder, PhD
3165 Porter Drive

The incredible pace of innovations and technical advances in sequencing the human genome more rapidly and cheaply heralds the prospect of predicting the risk for many diseases that occur throughout the human life cycle; for assessing their response to current therapies and the prospect of future interventions; and for monitoring the potential side effects from drugs on a personalized basis,” said medical school dean Philip Pizzo, MD.  “Stanford has been a leader in genetics and genomics for decades, and is now poised to help further transform the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human disease through its Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine.”  Dr. Michael Snyder is the Chair of the Department of Genetics, Professor of Genetics and Director of the Center for Personalized Medicine.

Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine

Emmanuel Mignot, MD, PhD
3165 Porter Drive

The Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine is comprised of research, clinical and educational programs geared to advance the field of sleep medicine and improve patient care.  Stanford sleep research and treatment focuses on disorders including the following:  insomnia; obstructive sleep apnea; central sleep apnea; restless leg syndrome (RLS);  and, narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia.  The many research labs that comprise the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine study all aspects of sleep ranging from genetic studies to informatics.  Dr. Emmanuel Mignot is the Director of the Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, and Professor of Psychiatry.