The Operations Team met over the duration of the project to think about and find solutions for how things will work at the new 3160 Porter Drive facility.

Meet our Team

The areas of discussion included:

Parking and Transportation

As you know there are new bus routes and schedules.  There are bike routes mapped also

We are also discussing:

  • Visitor Parking
  • Bike Rack/locker placement

Building Operations

Building Facilities operations and maintenance for 3160 Porter will be coordinated by Facilities Operations and Hines Property Management Company.

Some of the features that we will be adding to the 3160 Porter Drive campus include:

  • A central receptionist in the first floor Lobby
  • A Facilities & Operations Manager:  This person will coordinate building services and zone management including:
    • Managing orders and delivery of central services (equipment, kitchens, water)
    • Oversight of the buildings’ shared facilities and vehicles
    • Coordinating conference room technology, support and space set-up/teardown
    • Managing vendors, their contracts and service levels (includes services for recycling, garbage, coffee/water, mail, etc.).
    • Providing central supply ordering and copier support
    • Overseeing Vending machine /food services/Bistro café operations
    • Overseeing security/emergency response/access control
    • Parking management at Porter
    • Project managing reconfigurations
    • Operations manual for Porter drive
    • Managing workshops, classes and events at Porter
    • Trouble-shooting all of the above!

Public Safety

The Stanford Research Park, like the main campus, is a relatively safe location.  Public Safety will provide safety tips and short training sessions for the groups moving to Stanford@Porter drive.  The buildings will have a Card Reader System for entry.

Programs & Amenities

The following programs and amenities are available for the Porter Drive campus: