Service Vehicle Usage Policy


Service Vehicle Pass Usage Policy


  • It’s always a good idea to make advanced reservations for Service Vehicle passes when possible. They are limited in quantity and are distributed on a 1st come 1st serve basis.


  • When you check out a Service Vehicle pass, it is important that they are returned on-time as we often have others with reservations following yours.


  • If you are on campus and running late, please call reception at 736-6000 and let them know when you will be arriving.


  • Repeated abuse of late returns of Service Vehicle passes may result in your privileges being revoked temporarily or permanently.


  • Do not reserve passes under your name then give to another person to use unless riding in the car with the person and the pass. If you hand off your pass to another to use and it’s lost or stolen you will be the responsible party for the loss.


  • A Stanford Service Vehicle permit is worth thousands of dollars a year and is costly to replace, so you will want to safeguard it as carefully as you would any other valuable. Always keep your car locked and windows rolled up.


  • When returning passes, they must be given to the receptionist.  Please do not leave them unattended on the desk if reception has stepped away.