Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have my same phone number when I move?  (Yes!)

How do I find out my new mail code? (See info below)

If I bought a parking pass through August and I’m moving in March - June, can I get a refund? (Yes!)

For answers to these questions and more, please read our FAQs below.

We have heard and gathered great questions from all of you, from suggestion boxes and our Town Hall and Department meetings over the course of several moves to Porter Drive.  Some questions are consistent year over year. Below are a list of FAQs that continue to be ask, with answers that are updated to reflect current practices, guidelines, or policies.  THANK YOU for your continued interest in the details of Stanford@Porter Drive. 

Please continue to email us with any questions –

Parking and Transportation

See also: Parking

Porter Drive Parking Questions 

What is the ratio of parking at Porter Drive based on the number of people there?

Campus-wide, about 50% of our employees use alternative means of transportation, taking advantage of the Commute Club and Clean Air Cash programs.  Our experience at Porter shows about  30% of the population commutes.  There are adequate parking spaces at Porter Drive to accommodate those who drive.  Just like on campus, you may not be able to park right at the building, however there is sufficient parking at each complex.

What are the Marguerite Shuttle routes to Porter Drive?

These are listed on the web site under transportation.  In summary, there is a shuttle service meeting Cal Train at University Avenue, with express service to Porter Drive.  There also are two shuttles to campus, with off-set schedules ---- the Hillview and Arastradero shuttles.  Please refer to the web site for schedules and stops.

Will there be parking stickers at Porter?

No parking stickers are required at Porter Drive.

How long is the distance between Porter Drive and the California (and University Avenue) Cal Train station(s)?

Porter Drive is 1.2 miles from California Ave., and 1.8 miles from University Ave. train stations.

Is there  guest/visitor parking at Porter Drive?

Yes, visitor parking is marked and is for Non-Stanford employees.  Please do not park in visitor parking spaces if you work in any location on Porter Drive.

If I am going back and forth to campus with equipment, how will I be sure that I can find a space on campus and a space when I return back to Porter?

Each group can purchase “Off-site Service Vehicle” permits that can be signed out by staff.  These will not require an ‘A’ or ‘C’ parking pass to be used on campus and probably work best for traveling with equipment. Vehicles displaying the university seal/logo are allowed identical parking access to service, metered, commuter, and resident parking spaces. There are designated service/university vehicle spaces on campus and there will be such spaces at Porter Drive.

There are also Zip cars available at Porter, and there are shared service vehicle cars that can be reserved.  Please talk to the Porter Drive Facilities Manager or the Receptionist(s) for more information.

If I bought a parking sticker through August and I’m moving to Porter in March, can I get a refund?

Yes, just go to the Parking and Transportation Services office to return the permit, and get credit for the unused month(s). Note that if you signed up for payroll deduction, you must return your permit by the 2nd, to allow for cancellation of that month’s parking fee. For cash and credit card purchases, the daily scratcher rate is deducted from the refund amount beginning on the 1st day of the month. If more than 4 calendar days have elapsed, there is no residual value available for refund.

Commute Club - will people be able to remain in the commute club and get those benefits?

Anyone working off-campus is ineligible to receive Clean Air Cash (CAC) or Carpool Credit (CPC) because a Stanford P&TS issued permit is not required to park. That being said, we still provide staff at Porter Drive the following alternative transportation benefits and options:

I recommend that staff relocating to porter visit our “Porter Drive” webpage at: for more parking and transportation info including details on visiting the main campus with a vehicle.

Will there be shuttles from Porter Drive to special events on campus?

Each group planning events should consider using shuttles to get people to and from campus for large staff events.

What is the shortest driving distance between campus and Porter Drive?

Please check the Porter Drive web site for routes: 

Are there covered shelters for bus stops at Porter?

We don’t have these on campus and won’t be providing them at Porter Drive.

Is there a courier service to and from Porter Drive to campus?

Yes, Payroll and HR have a courier service.

Will Porter Drive have parking places for bikes and overnight bike parking?

Yes, bike parking in racks and lockers will be available at all Porter Drive sites.

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See also: Neighborhood Eateries.

What kind of food options are there at Porter Drive?

3160 has a full service cafe called  Bistro @ 3160.  The cafe will be open for breakfast and lunch Monday – Friday.  We also have vending machines and coffee service at 3160 and 3145.

Will there be a coffee bar?

There will be an espresso machine at Bistro @ 3160.  In addition, coffee is available in the kitchens around the complex.  Both fresh brewed and quick Flavia packet options will be available.


Microwaves and other food preparation items will be available in the upstairs kitchen/break area at 3160.  There are microwaves in the kitchens at 3145 also.

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See also: Space @ Porter

I have a special ergonomic chair – will I be able to take it with me to Porter? I don’t want a new chair.

Yes, if you would like to keep your chair you may do so. Please talk with your manager about this.

Will all future cubes be the same size at Stanford?  How did the decision about Porter Drive cube sizes get made?  Are the Porter Drive cubes smaller than the rest of campus?

The Stanford space guidelines outline the ideal staff cubicle size of 64 feet (8 feet by 8 feet.)  This is the cubicle size we are building on campus in our new projects.  Some cubicles (for students, for touchdown, for temporary workers) may be smaller.  The Porter Drive cubicles follow the space guidelines.  They are smaller than some of the cubicles on campus, and larger than others.  As we move forward and as on-campus spaces are renovated, all cubicles will be “rightsized” to the space guidelines.  This will take some time as we renovate spaces in various locations.

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Voice and Data Connections

Will our phone numbers remain the same?
Yes, you will have your same phone number wherever you move (to Porter Drive or on campus).  You will still be able to reach all of main campus, Porter Drive, SMP or any other location served by the Stanford telephone system with 5-digit extension dialing. VOIP information can be seen at:¬† Voice mail remains the same. 

What is Voice over IP (VoIP)?

Voice over IP is the technology that allows phone calls to use an IP network infrastructure.  This does not necessarily mean that the call travels over the internet.  Stanford's VoIP service uses only Stanford provided networking for on-Stanford connections and does not use the internet to go off-campus.  Traditional, non-VoIP circuits are used to connect the Stanford PBX to the Public Switched Telephone Network.

What are the tools that are standard in all of the conference rooms at Porter Drive?

Please see the conference room information located within each building website.

Where can I learn about Work Anywhere or mobile work practices?

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Where will touchdown spaces be on campus?


Will we have a key card system at Porter?  When will be buildings be locked and open?  Will security be managed by Stanford?

Yes, we will have a card key system at Porter Drive.  Your Stanford ID card will allow Porter Residents access through assigned doors and times if you have a current ID card with a microchip.  The buildings will be open during working hours and a receptionist will welcome guests to the building.  There will be card keys on all exterior doors.  The lobby entrance will be open during business hours.   Employees will be provided keys for office doors and storage. After hours, the buildings will be locked.  The Porter Drive building manager will handle the arrangements.

Will the Porter Drive buildings have air conditioning?  Do they have operable windows?

Yes, the buildings have air conditioning.  Like many of our office buildings on campus, they do not have operable windows.

Will there be HIP courses and/or exercise options at Porter Drive? What kind of recreational activities will be available?

HIP courses will be offered in the new yoga room at 3160.  The capacity is 25 – 30 people depending on the class. A survey of your interests has been distributed and has been used in determining the courses provided.  The Porter Drive Buildings have  small gyms, which contains circuit weight room and some machines including elipticals.  In addition, great outdoor walking and cycling areas are available both in the Research Park and on nearby trails (including the Dish trail and the Matadero trail).

Will our campus mail code remain the same?

We have several mail codes for Porter Drive as follows:
8440 – FMS
8441 – Administrative Systems
8442 – Land, Buildings and Real Estate
8443 – University Human Resources

What will be the emergency procedures with people in multiple locations?

Emergency procedures are currently being developed for 3160 and updated for 3145 and will be available to you in your Welcome packets.

Do we have to use vacation on the move days. True?

NO – you may take vacation if you choose to do so, however the move day will be a paid work day.

We like the campus atmosphere – will miss seeing the students, the lecture postings – without them it doesn’t seem like a university campus – the real vitality to working here – beautiful spaces.

We hope that the Work Anywhere efforts, including the touchdown spaces on the main campus, will help you address this loss by making it possible for you to be on campus some of the time and still be able to work efficiently.

Will the campus papers be available?


Will there be FedEx stations available at our new locations?

No, you may call Fedex for Package pickup.  Please contact receptionists for instructions.

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