Stanford@Porter drive committees are routinely formed to assist with various operational and specific events affecting departments at Porter Drive. As a volunteer, members are asked for creative input, strategic direction and overall infrastructure assistance to these various programs.

Current Committees

The Art Committee

Assisting with the compilation and placement of historical and photographs taken by employees to selected areas of Porter drive.

  • Noel Hirst, Business Affairs
  • Jamie Lutton, Controller
  • Sue Schmitt, Controller
  • Marie Stephens, Controller
  • Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain, Land, Buildings and Real Estate
  • Laura Jones, Land, Buildings and Real Estate
  • Dave Lenox, Land, Buildings and Real Estate
  • Steve Kelly, MK Think, Architect

Event committees

Open House Committee
Assisted with Porter Drive's open house in February of 2009.

  • Andrea Perez, Controller
  • Danielle Lam, Controller
  • Carol Leimer, Controller
  • James Reynolds, Business Affairs
  • Diana Yen, Controller

If you would like to participate in these committees, please email us at