Stanford @ Porter Drive Campus 2008 and Beyond

In summer 2008, some 350 staff members from departments in Business Affairs and Land, Buildings and Real Estate moved (on an interim basis) to the six-building Porter Drive complex in the Stanford Research Park. In the future they may permanently move to the new Stanford in Redwood City Campus. Since that time, other departments from Business Affairs, Office of Development, Residential and Dining Enterprises and the School of Medicine have moved (or are soon moving) to the Porter Drive Area.

The move to Porter Drive recognizes the huge demand on limited space on the university's core campus. The university is working hard to ensure that staff members moving to Porter Drive continue to feel confident and proud of their affiliation with Stanford and that they have the resources to continue to excel.

The original offices that moved to Porter Drive include all of Land, Buildings and Real Estate; departments within the Controller's Office that were in the Serra buildings and Encina Hall; and Administrative Systems.

“The pressures on land and buildings in Stanford’s core campus area have become increasingly intense in recent years as the university redoubles its efforts to lead the way in higher education.  Stanford’s staff has shown unsurpassed commitment and dedication as we struggle to find room for the extraordinary research and teaching facilities necessary to meet the goals of our ambitious vision.  Maintaining this vision will require flexibility, openness to change and an innovative approach to sustaining Stanford’s excellence within existing space constraints, and I am both confident and deeply appreciative of (our staff’s) willingness to play this critical role in Stanford’s future.”

John Hennessy, talking about Work Anywhere and the Porter Drive move in Stanford Report, July 11, 2007.


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