Move Security Tips

Presented by Stanford University Department of Public Safety

  • Do NOT leave your property unattended at any time. Store items in a secured location or arrange for a co-worker to watch over them until you return. It only takes seconds for a laptop to “walk” away. Report all unattended boxes.

  • Keep your office door locked when unoccupied, even if you are in the process of moving items to a vehicle or another location.

  • Seal and label every box with your name, department, and final destination in case it is lost, misplaced, or recovered.

  • Any confidential or sensitive documents or files should never be left unattended until properly secured in the new location.

  • If you observe anyone suspicious loitering inside or outside the building, or rummaging through boxes, immediately notify a supervisor or call 911
    (9-911 from a campus phone).

  • If you move any items in your vehicle, store them in the trunk so as not to be visible in the passenger compartment.

  • If you believe property has been stolen, immediately report it to the Stanford Department of Public Safety by calling 911 (or 9-911 from a campus phone).

  • Report anyone who is observed handling boxes and claims to be a mover without the company shirt or lanyard

  • If any questions, please contact Bill Larson, Crime Prevention and Risk Management Coordinator, at