HIP Classes

Health Improvement Program (HIP) classes at Porter Drive begin April 2nd and run through June 16th.

Schedule is subject to change. Classes may be subjected to low enrollment cancelation.

  • Register for classes at the HIP website http://hip.stanford.edu.
  • Click on Register for Classes, and then click on the Wellness on Wheels link.
  • In the Search box for Wellness on Wheels classes you can search by a general type of class or a specific class.
  • When you have typed your search criteria, hit the spyglass symbol to retrieve your search results.
  • Please note that the classes on the Wellness on Wheels website are for employees of the specific group or building. You can search for classes that all employees can take on the HIP website at the Register for Classes link.

For more information contact Jerrie Thurman (650) 725-4406 or Sharon Pollio (650) 723-9649.

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