Welcome to 3172 Porter Drive


Previously a Gilead building, 3172 Porter Drive was a both lab and office building with labs dating from the 1970's to the present.  Stanford University School of Medicine, has leased this building on a long term lease and remodeled it as an office building only.  The building is 109,465 gross square feet (65,052 nasf) on two floors made up of four distinct wings.  It is located immediately across the street from 3165 Porter Drive.

The Stanford School of Medicine will begin occupying 3172 Porter Drive during late Summer, 2012.   The 328 individuals who will be occupying  3172 Porter Drive are moving from Stanford Menlo Park and 2700 Sandhill Road.  Medical School Development will be the first group to move.   The other seven administrative groups will move in a rolling sequence throughout Fall 2012.  The space should be 100% occupied by January 2013.

There will be a SoM receptionist in the main lobby of 3172 Porter Drive. Please take advantage of this resource to help with information and/or directions around the entire Technology & Innovation Park or within specific buildings in the Park - 3155, 3165, & 3172 Porter Drive and 1651 Page Mill Road.