A Note from Randy Livingston

Dear colleagues:

For the past several weeks, the Porter Planning Team has been working with our architects to create a fit analysis for Stanford@Porter Drive. The results have led to a change in plans that I wanted you to know about as soon as possible. Human Resources and IT-Help Desk staff members will be staying on campus, rather than moving to Porter Drive.

Let me provide some context. Our plan was to move about 350 employees to Porter Drive from Business Affairs and Land Buildings and Real Estate. One of our highest priorities was to keep groups together as much as possible. Working with that priority, we ended up with 430 staff members on the list to move. Our work with the architects suggests, however, that Porter Drive cannot accommodate that many people, especially given our commitment to adhere to space guidelines for workspaces and shared or common space. And so the decision was made to have HR and the IT Help Desk remain on campus until the Redwood City campus becomes available.

Capital Planning, lead by Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain, and our Facilities Director, Noel Hirst, will be sharing a draft plan of the space allocation on the main campus that accommodates all employees affected by this revised plan. They will be refining that plan in meetings with directors over the next few weeks.

I know that change and ambiguity are challenging. I appreciate your commitment to our organization and your patience as we work through the facilities planning. We will continue to communicate updates, plans and changes as frequently as we can. Margaret and Noel are launching the Stanford@Porter Drive website at the end of this month. On the site, you'll find updates for the project and move. There is also a new email – porterdrive@stanford.edu – for questions, which are routed directly to Noel and Margaret.

Many of you are attending All Hands meetings in the next couple of weeks to hear what we learned from our project with Sun, including the survey, facilities observations and customer interviews. I hope you find the information as intriguing as I have.

Randy Livingston