Naming Contest

Update - March 6, 2008

The Porter Naming Committee forwarded a set of recommendations to Randy Livingston, Bob Reidy, and Provost John Etchemendy, who enthusiastically approved the committee’s choices!

We are VERY thankful to the 50 Stanford staff and faculty who submitted a total of 79 entries.  (Several people submitted more than one entry – in fact, 5 different people submitted 4 entries each.)

There were many common themes among the entries, including names drawing on
Stanford history and names of campus trees and flowers.

And so…..

The new names selected for the Stanford@Porter Drive buildings are:

Names of the Creeks on the Stanford campus:

  • San Francisquito
  • Barron Creek
  • Deer
  • Bear
  • Los Trancos
  • Corte Madera

These names were submitted by Laura Jones, Director of Heritage Services, LBRE

Laura submitted the following explanation for her submission:

“The creeks on our campus are dynamic.  They flow and change -- with each rainfall, with the seasons, with earthquakes and channel shifts, and erosion and incision.  And they give life to all kinds of creatures -- endangered steelhead and frogs and turtles for example.  They attract people, too.  We archaeologists always look for the creeks or rivers or lakes because that's where people want to live -- that's where most of our archaeological sites are at Stanford.  And in part because our creeks are still wild and on the edges of our campus they have a mysterious, hidden quality -- quiet, wild, shimmering, hidden in thick green foliage.  They're beautiful.  And each name tells a story, too.  More mysteries.  Who doesn't love a mystery?"

Laura’s prize:  a $200 gift card

The names selected for the 6 conference rooms in the complex are:

Precious gems from Stanford’s history:

  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Opal
  • Pearl
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire

These names were submitted by Karen Wilson, Associate Dean, Faculty Services and Operations, Graduate School of Business

Karen forwarded the following explanation of her submission,

“The story of Jane Stanford’s jewels is my inspiration for these names.  In an act of personal sacrifice over a century ago, Mrs. Stanford offered her jewelry collection for sale with the intention of using the proceeds for the greater good of the University.  Like Jane Stanford, the employees who will move to Porter Drive will be making a personal sacrifice for the greater good of the University.

I believe that these employees need to know that they are as “good as gold” in the eyes of the administration and their colleagues, even though their organizations and offices will no longer be in our midst.  It seems to me that these campus and building names, inspired by precious gems in Mrs. Stanford’s jewelry collection, would help to convey how valuable we feel these employees are to the Stanford community.  Perhaps this will help our colleagues feel more important and treasured as they make this difficult move off campus."

Karen’s Prize:  a $100 gift card

The Naming Committee also awarded the follow honorable mention prizes, consisting of $50 gift cards to each individual:

For building name honorable mentions:

California National Parks/Monuments:
(Joshua,  Lassen, Yosemite, Mojave, Cabrillo, Muir)
Submitted by Carolyn Myers, Financial Analyst, LBRE

Continents of the World:
(Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America,
Submitted by Carmen Jacinto, Strategic Recruitment Programs Manager, Human Resources

For Conference Room name honorable mentions:

(Avocet, Bluebird, Crow (Cormorant, Coot, Condor…), Dove, Egret (Eagle),
Flicker (Finch)
Submitted by Laura Jones (again!)

Valuable Elements:
(Silicon, Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, Titanium)
Submitted by Maria Cacho, Land Planner/Analyst, LBRE

Thank you to all who submitted great names!

And many thanks to the Porter Naming Committee:

From Administrative Systems:
Armand Capote, Technical Manager, Administrative Systems, Business Affairs
Claudia Dencker, Technical Manager, Administrative Systems, Business Affairs

From the Controller’s Office
Jessica Dutro, Administrative Associate, Disbursements
Andy Zell, Computing Info Systems Analyst, Financial Information Systems

From Human Resources:
Jenny Uchida, Finance Services Manager, Chair of the Committee

From Information Technology Services:
Chris Lundin, Director, Help Desk Services

From LBRE:
Charles Carter, Director, Land Use and Environmental Planning
Kharon Hathaway, Project Engineer, Department of Project Management
Eva Leavitt, Campus Planner, University Architect/Campus Planning & Design
Suzanne Sangervasi, Administrative Project Coordinator, Capital Planning and Space Management